President's Blog

August 2020

Time to Pivot!

If this year had a name, I would call it the year of the Pivot. This has been the year everyone's life has been dumped upside down. I would challenge anyone that every individual's life has been altered in some way by this pandemic.

What can we do but pivot? Time to make a change. For our chapter, that meant no spring meetings. And when we finally met for our June Installation meeting, it was held at a park so we could be outside and separated. (Although we took our masks off and stood close only for the picture to the right.)

For the near future, we will be holding our meetings virtually. There is value to this! No travel time, limited costs, speakers and attendees from around the world, and you don't have to wear special clothes.

A few deer and turkeys witnessed the installation of our 2020-2021 board members. But we hope YOU can join us at our next meeting.